Rex and his Sometimes Questionable Decisions

rex ryan

The war of words between the Jets and Giants isn’t as heated as we’ve seen in the past but that doesn’t mean the trash talk through the media isn’t there. After Giants rookie running back Andre Williams stated, “the Giants are the real New York team”, Rex Ryan couldn’t help himself from firing back. Rex Ryan responded by saying, “The last time I saw him play he was smoked by Clemson”. Clemson is where Ryan’s son now plays. How many head coaches in the NFL are going to respond to a statement that a back up rookie running back makes? Probably just Rex Ryan because he likes to see his quotes in the paper. A rebuttal by a player from the Jets is expected because rookies shouldn’t be boasting before they’ve done anything in the NFL but not a coach. The way to get a guy back for basically stating that the Giants are the Jets’ big brother is by knocking the crap out of him when it’s game time.

Rex Ryan still will not confirm a week one starter but Geno Smith will be starting again this Friday night. As the Jets quarterback situation continues to play itself out neither Geno Smith nor Michael Vick have overwhelmingly showed that they deserve to be the starting QB. As players throughout the NFL look to impress one last time before the impending league wide cuts take place on Saturday, Geno Smith needs to impress also to justify the eventual decision of being named starting quarterback. We all know it’s going to happen because starting Vick over Smith can easily set Geno back and perhaps tarnish the investment that the Jets made by drafting Smith in the second round of the 2013 draft. Geno Smith has the talent and on Friday night he has to show it. Smith has to show it for himself, his coaching staff and his fans. The Jets starters are expected to play the entire first half and even one series in the second half.


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